Mac Audio 5.25″ Marine Högtalare

999.00 kr



60watt RMS 200watt MAX

Säljs i par 2st Högtalare

Monteringshålet ska vara 110 mm monteringsdjup 48mm Gallret är 147mm

The Mac Audio 13.2 is somewhat smaller than the large WRS 16.2, with the woofer diameter measuring 130 mm. This 2-way coax loudspeaker also complies with the IPX 6 and ASTM B117 water/salt water resistance standards, making it an efficient, high-performance speaker for marine applications and use in humid areas. The woofer made of coated polypropylene is equipped with a dynamic surround for high efficiency, with a high-precision polycarbonate tweeter located at the centre. A high-power ferrite magnet system guarantees a powerful drive. The stylish designer loudspeaker grille ensures a perfect fit whatever the surroundings and protects the internal coaxial system.